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 Denise: The Prodigy- A Sinful World Short

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PostSubject: Denise: The Prodigy- A Sinful World Short   Denise: The Prodigy- A Sinful World Short I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 06, 2015 9:59 am

Today is the day I start down the path to fulfill my dream, I thought as I was getting dressed. I garbed myself in my family’s traditional robe that was extremely soft, barely even noticeable on my skin. It was a dark blue robe with silver stars adorning it, almost as if it was a reflection of the night’s sky. With my long red hair hanging freely behind me, I made my way to the Great Hall. It was almost time for the Coming of Age ceremony, and for the first time, I was going to be participating and not shunned from it. These nobles would have to recognize me as an equal at long last, I thought. Maybe if I was thinking more, had more time, or something, I would have been better prepared for what was next.

My feet were gliding down the staircase of the large tower I lived in, as if I had cast a flying spell. I was so excited for the ceremony last night, that I overslept. I wanted to give myself plenty of time to get ready, but instead only had enough time for the bare minimum. I was a sorcerer, a magic user born with powerful magical ability, but not even I can make a miracle happen. I wasn’t going to be pleasing anyone with my appearance today. I was glad that I had my family’s robe, at least. It was a family heirloom that has been passed down from generation to generation to each family head, and I was finally next.

It’s finally time for me to step up and take responsibility for my life and my family’s wellbeing, I thought to myself as I finally reached the bottom of the staircase. I quickly glanced at myself in the giant mirror at the base of the staircase. My hazel eyes were wide with excitement, and my tanned skin was flush. I considered casting another spell to make myself look more presentable, but quickly decided against the idea. I hurried to the Great Hall, praying that I wasn’t late and already bringing shame to my name before I was even announced as head of the Grimm family.

“Lady Denise ‘Prodigy’ Grimm, please come forth,” the large, well-built man garbed in the country’s colors, gold and black, announced to the gathered crowd. I made it in time to hear my name called. I tried to approach calm and confident, but I was still a bit winded from hurrying over. I stood before the Empress, curtsied to her, and finally knelt.

“Rise, young noble,” she said as she herself stood. The Empress looked toward the gathering of nobles and officials. “Today, we lift Lady Denise Grimm, heir to the Grimm family name, to the status of Duchess!” she announced to the crowd. I glanced out at the crowd to see the reactions to this announcement. I saw a quite a few disgruntled nobles looking as if they would like nothing more than to object to this announcement, but they dare not go against the queen. I took in their family colors, blue and gray, so that I could keep an eye out for them, just in case.

It’s understandable that some of these nobles would be upset about my new status. After all, I am the bastard child of the last head of the Grimm family. My mother, Duchess Caroline “The Nymph” Grimm, was a free spirit, and she gave her love to those she deemed special. And my father was one of the special ones, so much so that she bore his child. Thus, I was born.

My mother raised me in a separate home with my father, abandoning the Grimm estate. My father caught a deadly disease while my mother was away on family business. She came back as soon as she heard, but unfortunately, she only arrived in time to watch him die. I was only ten years old at the time, and since then, my mother has never left me for more than a week. The family estate, the family fortune, and the family’s good name suffered for this. As such, I’m generally hated by the nobles.

The Empress looked to me, “Do you accept your responsibility and duty, as the next head of the Grimm Noble House?”

I locked sight with the Empress, showing my determination. “Yes, your majesty. I accept,” I answered.

“By the power of the crown, I present before you, Duchess Denise “Prodigy” Grimm!” she exclaimed to the lords and ladies in attendance. Several nobles cheered, with my mother being the loudest. She looked on with tears in her eyes, and I knew she was proud of me. “I bestow upon you, Grimm’s Amulet. Worn by your first ancestor, Duke Jace ‘The Charismatic’ Grimm, this amulet is the symbol of the Grimm family.” The Empress gave me an amulet with a grim reaper cutting the sun in half with a scythe.

As soon as the amulet touched my hand, I felt myself being drawn into it. Bewildered and more afraid than I had ever been in my life, I screamed. I felt as if I was falling down a bottomless hole of darkness. I couldn’t see anything, not even my hand in front of my face.
It felt like I had been falling for hours into nothingness. I didn’t know what was going on, but I had to figure it out fast. There’s no telling what could have caused this or why. Besides, they didn’t call me Prodigy for nothing. I calmed myself. It took a few minutes to get my emotions in check. Think about what happened, I calmly thought. Obviously, someone set a trap on my family amulet. But it only activated when I touched it. Whoever did this had to have been someone powerful enough to get a curse past the Empress.

I immediately remembered the small group of nobles that wanted to object to my becoming the next family head. Blue and Gray. Maybe they had something to do with it? I shook my head. I need to focus on undoing this curse. I focused and murmured a few words in an ancient, archaic language. I felt a brief sensation, almost like a warmth spreading throughout my body. I focused the sensation into my eyes and uttered the last few words in my incantation.

I slowly opened my eyes and, thanks to my spell, I could see the structure of the curse around me. I studied the spell, as it seemed to be a curse designed to detain someone in a magical prison. I briefly wondered what happened to everyone else while I was doing this, but quickly admonished myself for losing focus.

I slowly worked out the structure of the curse, and just as slowly, started to build a counter-curse. Just as I finished the analysis, I discovered a hidden thread in the composition of the enchantment. I needed something to use as a focus, or something I could channel magic through. I remembered the amulet that I still held. It could work, I thought to myself.

I held the amulet in both my hands and focused. I could feel the warmth wash over me like a wave from the ocean, and I directed it towards the amulet. “In nomine Denise Prodigy Grimm, ego præcipio tibi, DIFFUGIO!” I roared the words in the ancient tongue. I felt more than saw the dark prison around me expand outward until finally, it was shredded by my spell.

I looked around at the nobles all seated in the same place I saw them last, including my mother who was still crying and looking proud. I stood stunned; I didn’t know what had happened. I was led away to an adjacent room where I sat and recuperated. I looked up as someone entered the room. My mother quickly closed the distance between us and hugged me tightly. Still a bit stunned, I let her. She ended her embrace and said, “I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you about the Trial by Fire before.”

“Trial by Fire?” I asked, curiously.

“It’s the final test for all high ranking nobles to test your skill with magic. As you know, only wielders of magic can be high ranking nobles. I wanted to tell you, but you passed with flying colors! Now you can finally accomplish your dream,” she explained.
My dream started me on this path, my dream of restoring the Grimm family to its former glory and then surpassing it. If that was just the initiation test, I will need a lot more skill than I have currently. Interesting, I thought. I was ready to be announced at the Coming of Age ceremony as the new Duchess of the Grimm family. If I want the respect of these nobles, I would need to step up to my mantle and prove I deserve my position. And one day, I will make the family Grimm something that everyone will be talking about in reverence.
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Denise: The Prodigy- A Sinful World Short
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