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 Prison Break- A Sinful World Short

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PostSubject: Prison Break- A Sinful World Short   Prison Break- A Sinful World Short I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 26, 2015 8:02 am

It looks like the guards haven't notice me yet, I thought. That's good. This will be a lot easier if they don't see me coming.

I moved as quietly as I could around the tall tower, sneaking from shadow to shadow. A rune tattooed on the inside of my wrist glowed to my sight. Normal people couldn't see the glow, fortunately for me. The rune was used to deflect attention away from myself. If someone saw me, they would immediately remember something else important that they forgot to do. Only someone with honed magical abilities could see through the deception. Still, there was no telling if the Vicountess hired a magic user to help guard this tower.

The city of Tempe was known to flaunt its wealth often, and hiring a magic user or two to oversee this slave trade would be bad luck for me. I ducked from shadow to shadow, slowly surveying the tower, looking for a way in. It was a towering building decorated in the country’s traditional colors, gold and red. After a short time, I found an indent in a part of the wall where only one guard was standing watch.

I gripped the handle of my greatsword, feeling its reassuring texture in my grip. I closed my eyes and chanted a short incantation. A rune on my upper shoulder started to glow. The guard's head started drooping, and after a few more seconds, he fell face first, fast asleep. I moved toward the indent I saw in the wall. It seems to have been damaged, maybe during a siege from some time ago.

I closed my eyes once more and chanted, this time a longer and more complex incantation. I placed both hands on the wall at the weak point, slowly tracing a series of runes on the surface of the wall. I then placed both palms flat on the wall and slowly sank through it. This runic spell only works on weak walls.

Now I'm in, I thought. Time to get to the main event. I thought back on who gave me the information on this place. It was Hope, my on again off again girlfriend, who told me that an entire village had been kidnapped to be sold as slaves. I hate slavery in general, but to kidnap citizens of your own country? That is something only the lowest of the low would do. Then again, this could be something someone high up is hiding under the noses of their superiors. I could care less.

Stealth isn't really my forte. That's part of my twin brother, Heian’s, skillset. I tend to be more drawn towards violence and fighting. Maybe that's the demon blood in me, or maybe I'm just that type of girl. So, I did what any self-respecting warrior in my position would do. I decided to make a beeline for the cells; Hope briefed me on where everything inside the tower was. I never knew how Hope got a hold of the information she provided me with, but it was always accurate.

I was trying to meet up with my brother. He had already infiltrated as a guard and was working on the inside to help me if I got into trouble. I thought it was a stupid idea, but he insisted on helping me. I relented, reluctantly. I had two of my subordinates from my guild, the Shadow’s Requiem, nearby, just in case we had to fight our way out.

Lana and Lini Sprigen were twin gnomes whose personalities are complete opposites. Lana was cheerful and excitable, prone to reckless behavior. Lini was calm and analytical, making her the perfect strategist. They had both been working under me for years since I received my title from the guild. The Shadow’s Finale. The ender. That was me. They sent me in when they wanted the problem over and done with. Breaking people out of slavery was not my specialty.

I moved quietly through the tower relying on my rune to keep me unseen. I managed to stumble on to what I can only assume is the command post. There were viewing crystals inside and a mage watching them. I quickly hid. I needed to find a way to get pass the mage without being noticed by the guards.

Normally, I would have no problem going in hard and fast, knocking all that got into my path out of my way. But, the guild didn’t want to be associated with a job that involved pissing off a potential royal. I could understand that. That was why I wanted to draw as little attention to myself, a prominent member of the guild.
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Prison Break- A Sinful World Short
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